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Waterproofing Under Pavers

Waterproofing Pavers | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Los Angeles, CA

Paver stones are a great look for driveways, walkways, and otherwise, but they won’t be if you don’t ensure they’re sealed against water damage! Discover more about the positives of sealing below.

Trustworthy Waterproofing Service

While your under pavers may seem sturdy enough for now, that may change over time if they aren’t waterproofed and sealed. Water will erode away the stone over time, especially if standing water remains for long periods of time, and will also be able to go down in-between the stones themselves. This can lead to troubles with stones sinking down or becoming misaligned, making the area jagged and no longer smooth. Not only will this look poorly, but it’s dangerous and easier to trip on as well. Instead of risking that, why not be certain it’ll stay looking perfect with our expert waterproofing? We use the best tools and materials to thoroughly seal the stones to keep out the elements and avoid these troubles altogether.

There Are Further Benefits

Aside from the above, there are other positives that come with having sealed under pavers as well! They will be much easier to clean than they would be otherwise, as it smooths the surface and avoids dirt and otherwise getting ingrained in the ridges of the stones. It’ll protect against more than just water, including spills of oil or stains in general. The seal also helps to keep weeds and grass out of growing between the stones, and keeps mold from growing more effectively as well.

Years Of Experience

You can trust our team to do the job right the first time and that it will last! We’ve been working in the field for a long while and our training and expertise means that you’ll be receiving service that’s professional and excellent! We’ll carefully clean the stones before getting started to ensure a nice, even coat to properly seal them up.

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