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Wall and floor tiles installed professionally. From floating wood laminate tiles to ceramic decorative tiles, stones, and marble mosaics. Get a free estimate to learn more!

Tile Installation

Tile Installation Service | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful decorative tiles can make a room much more enjoyable to stay in. Whether it’s for a limited amount of time or for longer periods, wall and floor tiles create a certain look. That look influences your mood. We specialize in maximizing décor with the use of gorgeous tile mosaics for bathrooms, kitchens, and even exterior hardscapes. You can elevate the look of you your Los Angeles property with tile installation done right.

Kitchen Wall Tiles Installed Correctly

Beautiful and also used for sanitation, wall tiles in the kitchen help catch sprays and prevent them from smearing the walls. Tiles prove easier to clean than drywall and plaster. They also serve as moisture-resistant insulators. Your Los Angeles kitchen tiles can add to the look of the area and add a waterproof layer to the walls. As the leading local tile installation contractors near you, we’re happy to provide assistance and free quotes for such projects.

Wood Look Floor Tiles

Many people have become familiar with that unique looking setup of wood-like tiles on the floor. The rich texture of timber is great, but it comes with all sorts of extra maintenance. With the wood look floor tiles Los Angeles customers come to us for, that’s not the case. You can give the room the decorative look of timber with these wood-like tiles installed. And you won’t have to worry about rot or wood warping with these faux wood tiles. Cleaning them proves a breeze, as you can wash them freely and not worry about moisture damage. You can choose laminate floating wood tiles or other texture-rich paving stones to create the homey and classic aesthetic you love.

Installing Bathroom Tiles – Walls/Floors

This type of room requires sanitation and can benefit from aesthetics. Bathroom wall and floor tiles serve more than just decorative. They offer a top layer of moisture resistance that helps prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom. Tiles installed correctly with sealed grouts between them will help you make your bathroom floor and walls aesthetic and sanitary. You can choose a wide range of tiles for bathroom floors and walls, including ceramic, stones, and marble mosaics. The decorative tiles many customers choose give the bathroom an aesthetic look that contributes to the overall mood.

Los Angeles Tile Installers Near You

Talk all the details with our professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors and see how affordable new tile installation can become. We’ll go over different material options, wood-like tiles, and ceramic or marble. Then we’ll discuss your specific needs and budget, to find tile designs that fit your taste and price range. Give us a call and arrange for a free estimate with our nearby local tile installation contractors! 

Beautiful & Easy To Maintain

Tile is a great addition to the kitchen, bathroom, or otherwise for many reasons. There is a vast array of types and looks to suit any need or style, so you can keep your home looking modern and fantastic. Tile is waterproof and therefore will refrain from getting any water damage, as well as making it extremely easy to clean. It’s an extremely durable substance as well and will protect whatever it’s covering from walls to floors far more than most materials would. If you or anyone in your family have troubles with allergies to certain types of materials, tile is hypoallergenic too! It really is an overall win-win for your home.

What Types Of Tile Are There?

Our team can work with an array of popular types, such as ceramic, natural stone, glass, glazed porcelain, and more. We’ll work with you to determine which is best suited to the area!

We’ll Handle Everything For You

Installing in tile can be quite the process, so it’s best to allow professionals to take care of it to ensure it’s done correctly and will look even and lovely once completed. We use a ledger board that will keep the tiles even and in place as the adhesive dries to avoid any problems with slipping, as well as clean the walls to assure the adhesive will work properly. It’s also important to assure that the wall is completely flat and that there’s no dents or other imperfections that may alter the lineup of the tile. The layout of the tile pieces will be planned and set out in order before starting to use adhesive to attach them to the wall and press them into place with our special equipment and spacers to ensure they’re evenly placed. After the adhesive is allowed to dry, we’ll put in the grout and your tile will be completed!

Exterior Design Options

Tiles can give the interior parts of your property a beautiful look, but if you're looking for exterior additions and improvements, we'd recommend that you go with pavers. Because they can be made from more durable materials, like concrete, brick, and limestone, they will last for a long time. As for customization, we can assure you the variety of design options is just as extensive. If you're interested, the paver installation experts in Los Angeles that our team works with will be happy to help you.

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