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Drywall Repair And Remodeling in Santa Monica CA

It’s your home; why not get it looking as you’ve always dreamed? Our experts have been working for years providing excellent service to customers in the area and sprucing up their homes to look like new again in no time. You’ll be shocked at how much of a difference these projects can make and how beautiful your home will look once we’ve finished!

Professionals You Can Rely On

Our friendly team is here and happy to help with whatever your home may need! The biggest focus for us is the satisfaction of our customers and ensuring that they have the best and easiest experience possible. We work hard to go above and beyond expectations with each service provided and will consult with you every step of the way so you never feel like you’re in the dark! Using the highest quality materials and equipment available, we’ll make sure that the projects we complete for you will last for a long time.

Dependable And Fast Services In Santa Monica CA

While you want the work to be done correctly, we also understand not wanting to be stuck waiting around any longer than is necessary for it to be completed! That’s why we’ll determine the best time in your busy schedule for us to come out, will arrive on time and get straight to work. We use our deep familiarity of the field to provide excellent service that will be done sooner than you think! That’s the kind of great work you can expect from our professionals.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Provide in Santa Monica:

Door & Window Repair

Over the years it’s possible for your windows to wear out, with troubles such as cracks in the panes of glass allowing mold to grow in-between them, degradation of the frame, and other issues. We can fix this for you with our fast and affordable services! We can repair, replace, or even install a new window altogether for you right away to brighten your home easily. This includes unique windows such as basement windows, and those of different types like vinyl and aluminum. Doors may also require attention over time from wear, which we can provide right away.

Masonry Services

Is your patio looking worse for wear after the years of foot traffic? Or, do you want a brand-new footpath installed? Whatever you need, we’re here to handle it for you. Patios may get damaged over time from accidents or simply from exposure to the elements, but we can repair or even replace portions of your patio as needed to get it looking fantastic again. Paver stones are a great choice if you want to add in a walkway around the yard or otherwise, and we can install them for you in no time. We also offer decorative stonework services!

Roofing Services

Whether you need a roof installed to begin with, or maintenance of your current one, our experts can take care of it. You want to ensure that your roof will be sturdy and withstand the weather, as well as keep your home properly insulated, all of which we’ll provide with our high-quality installation services. We can also replace the roof for you if yours has become too badly damaged over time. Maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan and keep it in excellent shape, and if there’s an issue we can repair it in no time.

Waterproof Coating

Waterproofing is an important and easy way to ensure that the stonework around the exterior of your home will stay sturdy and unharmed for years to come! Water will erode away at stone and cause damage to plywood over time, especially if it’s left standing on either surface. With our waterproof coating applied to your patio, walls, decks, or otherwise, you won’t have to worry about this any longer! Whether it’s your pool deck, or the concrete around your home, we can provide a thorough coating to keep it protected. We even offer decorative finishes if you desire!

Drywall Repair

The drywall in your walls and ceiling is fairly sturdy and tough, but an accident may leave a deep crack or hole that need to be taken care of. Our professional team can take care of repairing either for you in no time so you’d never know the difference. If you’re tired of the risk of water damage to your walls in the kitchen or bathroom, we can install tile for you to help keep them better protected and even add a beautiful new look to them as well! We can also remove popcorn ceilings for you quickly and easily.

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